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Castle Gate Gloucestershire is a programme of criminal justice related services provided by the charity 'InfoBuzz'.

At the core of this area of our work is the provision of support services to prisoners' families, however we also deliver services to offenders serving their sentence in prison or the community, in addition to young people involved with gangs.

The main aims of the Castle Gate Gloucestershire programme are to:

  • Reduce the impact parental imprisonment has on children and young people
  • Support offenders and their families to build and/or maintain healthy family relations
  • Reduce re-offending/anti-social behaviour and the risk of intergeneration offending
  • Help offenders’ families overcome barriers to achieving positive outcomes




Contact Us: 01452 381770



Email a prisoner service

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer those families that we work with an Email a Prisoner account with start-up credit, so that they can keep in contact with a family member in prison.

Further information about Email a Prisoner can be found by cliking here [link opens in a new window]